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Primera actualización para BattleForge

Phenomic solventa unos cuantos bugs.

El equipo de EA Phenomic ha publicado hoy el primer parche para BattleForge, con el que se solventan los bugs detectados desde su salida la semana pasada. Podéis descargarlo a través del sistema de actualización que incluye el propio juego.

La lista completa de fixes del parche es la siguiente (en inglés):

  • After entering a serial for full access ingame you will be logged out afterwards, to ensure full access after a relogin.
  • When entering an incorrect serial ingame/or in the serial screen before selecting a character, there will be more feedback if the serial has already been used.
  • Dragging a card into a direct trade, into mail or auctions won't result in disappearing cards in the inventory anymore.
  • Trees and plants will be affected by the wind again.
  • Fixed deck manager not showing translated default deck name when trying to delete such a deck.
  • Ingame notification about planned shutdown fixed.
  • Used scratch cards return now right error code.
  • Fix for IngameMailReturnThread.
  • Spending-limits: limit on bf points that can be spent by day.
  • Balance-limits: limit on bf points one account can have.
  • The mouse cursor is now working correct for non standard display sizes.
  • Fixing various image corruptions as the pink explosion phenomena.
  • Framelimiter can now be configurated in the config file.
  • The rank level will now be displayed as digit in the chronicle.
  • Auction creation improved.
  • Pimped playerstats a bit more.
  • Redirect system messages to the first visible chat window also ingame.
  • Server farm shutdown is announced as prompt message also.
  • Map: Lajesh - a blocking issue for small units has been fixed.
  • 4PVE maps - bugfix: no loot recieved and pvp token window is displayed when player wins a 4 pve map after having played a 2pvp tome mode.
  • Map: Wazhai - fixed a claiming distance imbalance that allowed easier claiming on the west side of the map.
  • The first legends form the contest winners are in: Thugs, Giant Slayer, Frostmage.

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