Flower de thatgamecompany llegará a Vita

Toda una experiencia.

Todavía no se ha anunciado oficialmente, pero Flower, el segundo juego de thatgamecompany, llegará a PlayStation Vita.

Eso es lo que se deduce de la lista IndieCade de juegos para este E3 2013, una área del evento dedicada a juegos independientes.

Tenéis la lista completa de juegos a continuación:


  • 7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat by Mousechief
  • 6180 the moon by Turtle Cream & PokPoong Games
  • TorqueL by
  • Tower of Guns by Terrible Posture Games
  • Crashtastic by FunSmith
  • in a window by Picardy Third Entertainment
  • Dominique Pamplemousse in It's All Over Once The Fat Lady Sing by Deirdra Kiai
  • C3 by Phoenix Production
  • The Dead Linger by Sandswept Studios
  • Pinstripe by Thomas Brush
  • Soundodger by Studio Bean
  • That Dragon, Cancer by Ryan Green and Josh Larson
  • Guns of Icarus Online by Muse Games
  • Legend of Dungeon by Robot Loves Kitty
  • Hidden by Parsons New School for Design
  • TowerFall by Matt Makes Games
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime by Asteroid Base
  • Voronoid by Zach Aikman


  • Luxuria Superbia by Tale of Tales for iPad
  • In a Permanent Save State by Benjamin Poynter for Android
  • Spaceteam by Sleeping Beast Games for iOS
  • Perfection by Dumb and Fat Games for iPad
  • Forsaken Planet by Loot Entertainment for PC and mobile devices

PlayStation Vita

  • Hohokum by Honeyslug
  • Flower Vita by thatgamecompany

Big Games and Card Games

  • Body Scrub; Lego by USC Game Innovation Lab
  • Space Maestro by USC Interactive Media & Games Division; USC Music school graduate students, U.S. and South
  • Korea for Kinect
  • Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party by KnapNok Games for Wii U
  • Babel Build by Matthew Colton Spross, a physical game
  • QuickDraw by Greenfly Studios a "no graphics game for Playstation Move"
  • Johann Sebastian Joust by Die Gute Fabrik a "no-graphics music-enabled game for the PlayStation Move"
  • Pedandeck by Brian Schrank, a social card game
  • Stickers in Public by Studio Cypher, a pervasive big game

Sifteo Cubes

  • Tower No Tumble by Die Gute Fabrik
  • Pesky Pirates by Sifteo Games Team
  • Squaresville by Frank Force
  • Parapluie by One Life Remains

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